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Oracle Card Pull ✨

Oracle Card Pull ✨

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Let our Oracle Card Pull ✨ guide your day with insight and clarity. Quickly unravel the truth and get advice from a single card pull. Get the spiritual guidance you need and discover what the universe has in store!

How do Oracle cards differ from Tarot spreads? While Tarot is more traditionally structured with set meanings, Oracle cards are freer flowing and give you insight on the bigger picture. Tarot goes more into detail. Tarot decks typically have a set number of cards and common meanings while Oracle cards differ from deck to deck in quantity and themes. However, I've been able to use Oracle cards in a way that may differ from most to share messages and insight to my friends and family. 

I have been working with oracle cards for eight years. I connect deeper with them than Tarot and I really enjoy strengthening my intuition and sharing my interpretations. I use them in a unique way and have learned to receive messages through them in a way that works for me! My friends and family have shared how "spot on" the messages are, and I get great joy and fulfillment from sharing exactly what they need to hear in that moment without any prior knowledge on what they may be dealing with. 

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What you'll receive: *Nothing will be shipped to you! This is NOT a physical item. Please leave your email so that I can send your reading.*  Your email will contain the following, a picture of the card pulled or spread, meaning of each card and in depth interpretation of the card(s). Please allow 48-72 hours to receive your email. I can't wait to work with you! 💖

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