Krunchy Mama MADE ✨

Allow me to reintroduce myself 🖤

My name is Kiara Painter, although my inner circle calls me Arie. I am so many things wrapped in one: a bruja, a wife, a mother, an angsty teenager, a cycle breaker... you get the idea. KrunchyMamaMade was born during the most challenging time of my life. I was 5/6 months post-partum and needed an outlet to create and to find myself again after becoming a mother. My style is for the women who never feel like they have a place or fit in anywhere... because they were born to stand out. It's for the gorgeous gorgeous girls who are eclectic in their taste of music, art & fashion. It's for the millennial moms who reminisce of their high school years and all the things they were into. It's for my LGBTQA+ community. It's for my Latinx community. It's for my BIPOC community. It's for my alternative and 2000s emo community. It's for my bruja community. It's for anybody and everybody who is WOKE. 

Expression. Nostalgia. Comfort. Inclusion. + always so much more.



Save a tee, upcycle your own apparel!

When we first created our brand we wanted to use (or reuse) what was sustainable and cost effective.
We used to offer upcycled and distressed items.

Now we offer the option for our customers to send us their second hand t-shirts for us to add to, distress or even bleach/hand dye!