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In 2020, I made a decision to nurture my creativity, leading to the birth of KrunchyMama, a small business specializing in custom graphic t-shirts and accessories. As I ventured into entrepreneurship, I delved into social media marketing and honed my skills in promoting my brand to my audience. Discovering a passion for content creation and observing the growth in engagement and sales, I felt inspired to assist other small businesses lacking time or expertise. In 2023, I pursued a digital marketing course to enhance my existing knowledge. Consequently, I made the choice to close the chapter on my apparel business and transition into a supportive role behind the scenes, aiding in the growth of YOUR brand.

Triple threat minority! 333

We are LGBTQA+ and Latina owned! We know what it feels like to be different, and we embrace what makes us beautiful individuals. Thank you for supporting this KrunchyMama while she raises her little and breaks cycles. ✨

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