Support LGBTQA+ All Year Round!

Krunchy Mama MADE ✨

Creating a safe space where witchy millennial mamas can feel like themselves again.

When I started this business in the midst of the pandemic chaos and rediscovering myself as a new mother, I had no idea what would come of it! Three years later, we are still creating, packaging with love and always setting ourselves apart from the competition. I take pride in being a triple threat minority! We are LGBTQA+ and Latina owned! We know what it feels like to be different, and we embrace what makes us beautiful individuals. Thank you for supporting this KrunchyMama while she raises her little and breaks cycles. ✨



Save a tee, upcycle your own apparel!

When we first created our brand we wanted to use (or reuse) what was sustainable and cost effective.
We used to offer upcycled and distressed items.

Now we offer the option for our customers to send us their second hand t-shirts for us to add to, distress or even bleach/hand dye!